Written and Created by

L. C. Cruell, Diana Kemp, and Linda S. Scott
Critically-acclaimed writer/director L.C. Cruell and screenwriters Linda S. Scott and Diana Kemp bring you, "Mistresses of Horror."

The feature script "Mistresses of Horror" is perhaps the very first of its kind -- an award-winning, all female-written, all female-directed horror anthology.
Producers Heidi Honeycutt and L.C. Cruell have attached top veteran as well as rising star female directors in the genre:
"Mistresses of Horror" is now poised to become another first of its kind - an all-female horror franchise, its sole purpose to showcase the best, darkest, twisted, most wicked tales in horror created by women, for everyone. With a future range of content including features, series, graphic novels, websites, and ebooks, there will be many new nightmares out there for you all to enjoy. 


In Phoenix there is a place that can make your deepest desires come true. This is not necessarily a good thing.


It's Nazda's first day at work at La Maison Des Plaisirs. If she delivers five souls by the end of the day, she will become the new Mistress. If she fails, she will die.


The Mistresses are spread throughout the far corners of the Earth. Their lineage as long and powerful as it is diverse. In Europe, they are descendants of pagan priestesses, gypsies, covens, banshees, baobham, Borgias, Bathorys, shield-maidens and Amazons. They are/have been called Brujas and Lloronas in South America; Santa Muerteans, Sihuanaba, and descendants of Aztec and Mayan princesses in Central America; Wu, Daevas, Jinn, Aswang, Shoguns, sorceresses, and seers in the East; Orishas and sangoma in Africa; and, in North America, everything from wiccans in the northwest to prophets and voodoo queens in the south to mystics and Native American shaman in the West. Their ancestors once wielded great power, but soon learned power is best wielded from the shadows. They left the history books in order to pen them. As the world became more global, rumors of each other’s existence proved true, and they discovered one another. Slowly, an alliance was formed. Everything they do has a purpose, either a greater one or a personal one; they play the long game and play it well. Their powers, abilities, magic, science, and knowledge are quite real, though from sources and rituals as different as they are. Good and evil are concepts that do not concern them in a world where everything is a means to a greater end. They can pop up anywhere; you never know when you might meet one or have just met one, or what they may want from you, want to give you, or want to use you for… until it’s already done.

Individual Stories Connected by "First Day, Last Day - Nazda's Tale" are:

Cut Out the Middleman by Diana Kemp
A restaurateur jealous of her female lover resorts to murdering her rival, a blackmailing business partner.
The Adventures of Spinster Kitty by L. C. Cruell
A single woman's new cat decides he wants to be the only man in her life, and he will remove his competition by any means necessary.
Detour by Diana Kemp
Distraught from a breakup with her boyfriend, a young woman is involved in a fatal hit and run and discovers there is no running from her conscience.
Switch by L. C. Cruell
Our desires can be the death of us. When boy meets girl, one night, one moment, one terrible choice… and romance becomes horror.
A Sure Thing by Linda S. Scott
Ed, desperate to pay off a ruthless loan shark, cons a lonely nerd with money to burn with the erotic lure of "a sure thing."
Each tale is either an award-winning short or a new short crafted just for this anthology script.
"Mistresses of Horror" itself is a Finalist in both Shriekfest and the Horror Screenplay Contest.
The ultimate goal with "Mistresses of Horror" is for it to lead to a series of popular, memorable sequels and spin offs that could serve as a launching pad for other up-and-coming female genre writers and directors as well as a spotlight for already established stars, with  thus increasing and highlighting the role of women in the genre.

"Mistresses of Horror" weaves tales that are diverse, dark, and disturbing, can titillate and terrify audiences both male and female, and can combine to create what will  soon become a staple series in the genre.

L. C. Cruell

Cruell is currently directing on the anthology feature "Tales From Morningside Cemetery." 

Webseries "31" written and directed by L. C. Cruell is a critically-acclaimed, ground-breaking, festival-winning supernatural thriller composed of 31 31-second-long episodes released each day for 31 straight days becoming the first tue daily Internet Horror Serial. Check out episodes, press, reviews, fans comments, upcoming events and screenings etc., at- youtube.com/user/31webseriestwitter.com/31theseriesfacebook.com/31theseries, and 31theseries.com.

Cruell has also optioned and sold numerous projects currently in various stages of production, directed several shorts, and written numerous award-winning screenplays, teleplays, shorts, pilots, etc. All finished submitted scripts are finalists or winners in major festivals and competitions including: Roy W. Dean Writer’s Grant, Austin Film Festival, Nicholl Fellowships, Indiefest Chicago, Cynosure Screenwriting Awards, Expose It! Screenplay Competition, Screenplay Festival, 20/20 Screenwriting Awards, PAGE International Screenwriting Awards, American Gem Literary Festival, Move Script Short Contest, Broad Humor Festival, Writers Network, Gimme A Break, Anything But Hollywood, American Accolades, Acclaim, Organization of Black Screenwriters Screenwriting Contest, Breakthrough with a Scream, Shriekfest, Scriptapalooza, etc., and various film festival pitch competitions. L.C. is an honors graduate of both Duke University (minor in Film) and Harvard Law School (specialization: Entertainment law).  She is also a film critic, freelance writer/editor, part-time attorney/legal consultant, and author of 25 published short stories. 

Diana Kemp

Toronto native Diana Kemp lived in London before making Los Angeles her home. A prolific writer since childhood, her varied repertoire of work includes features, short scripts, numerous short stories and a competition winning novel. To date, she has one hundred and thirteen film festival and screenwriting competition awards/placings to her credit. Two short projects have been optioned for development by CK Filmworks and a short comedy is under production by Casualty Films.

Linda S. Scott

Linda S. Scott is a seasoned writer of both feature and shorts all finalists in a host of competitions including True Independent Screenwriter's Competition, Atlanta Film Festival Pitch Contest, Gimme Credit Short Screenplay Contest, Hellfire's Short Horror Screenplay Competition, and the Top 50 of Project Greenlight.

L. C. Cruell                         
Linda S. Scott
Diana Kemp

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The Mistresses of Horror present “Mistresses of Horror.”

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